08 August 2009

Morning Edition

Good thing: Going to bed early.
Bad thing: Because you don't feel well.
Good thing: Getting a good night's sleep.
Bad thing: Waking up at 5:45am on Saturday, fully refreshed, and wondering what the hell to do on a Saturday morning before 6am.
Good thing: Weekend Edition on NPR, at 6am on Saturday.

Woke to Paolo Nutini serenading me in the early morning hours. Can't believe he's Scottish. His physiognomy is as good as his music. Sigh.

Need to get me one when I'm there at the end of next month.

What, Sable? You're going on vacation? Why, yes Reader.

I'm going to learn how to hunt with falcons at my family's ancestral home. A week in a Scottish castle. I can't wait.

Here's a picture:

Been obsessed lately with what awaits in the coming months: Scotland (and a couple of long weekends in London on either end) and Halloween.

Yes, dear Reader, Halloween, now only 3 months away, is just around the corner. And my obsession: sewing my own costume. But this Crow is an over-achiever. Is it a toga I want to make? No.

No, Reader, I want to be a Medici banker. An Italian Renaissance hottie. Which means I need the Renaissance equivalent of an Armani suit. And my inspirations?

Why, the hotties of the Renaissance, of course.

Now, off to a 60,000 square foot fabric store downtown!