30 December 2008

Remembering Eartha

A year ago today, I bought a little trinket.

Dark and gorgeous, she's a little British, a little devilish, and a whole lotta cat.

When I use the paddle shifters and that engine purrs, she is every bit her namesake: Her name is Eartha.

Which leads me to a recent passing that cannot go unmentioned. My dear Eartha Kitt. Every time that engine growls for all the years I own that car, I will think of you, and purr, and laugh. Of all the women who catch the eyes and imaginations of the gays, Eartha was MY diva. I secretly harbored fantasies of meeting her, or even of driving her around in my very own Eartha.

Like Macbeth said: She should have died hereafter. There would have been a time for such a word.

Here she is as I will remember her:

And one more for the road:


WeezerMonkey said...

RIP, Eartha.
Purrrrrfect name for your wheels.

Serendipite said...


Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

i can't wait to be a fabulous old drag queen.

ps just saw the ST costume link. f.

WeezerMonkey said...

BTW, your comment re Animal made me grin ear-to-ear. Thank you! And clearly I will be eating the foie gras next time!

amber said...

i was really sad to hear of her passing. :(