18 February 2009


So, Mr. Armani posted some guest blog entries on the NYTimes blog, The Moment. Check them out, they're molto bene.

First Genius Armani Post

Second Genius Armani Post

Third Genius Armani Post

Final (alas!)

I learn at the feet of a master: designer, philanthropist, entreprenuer, visionary.

Not everybody likes him, but everybody wears him, or is influenced by his vision of the way the world should look. I adore.

Here's the new store on 5th Avenue. Delicious. One of these days, I'm going to post about architecture, and about my ongoing search for a house. Now THERE'S an epic story...


WeezerMonkey said...

Would it be blasphemous of me to call him cute? Because he is so cute with these blogs! What a fabulous life!

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

There was this awesome nightline article on the new store. Did you see? I tivoed for you.

write about architecture, write about architecture.

but first post about the oscars. and how wonderfully gay it was. and how adore i looked.

amber said...

i want to hear about the search for the house. :)