12 July 2008

On Emporio Armani...

So as part of my self-flagellation, I subjected myself to the Emporio Armani fall season collection on Wednesday afternoon for a little recreational asset destruction (RAD). Those familiar with the Cold War will remember MAD, or mutually assurred destruction, which was the philosophy that no one would use nuclear weapons because it meant that all parties would be annihilated. For me, shopping is similar.

I snagged this conceptual and flexible vest, which was all over the fall runway shows, and which--upon seeing--I proclaimed: "That's my fall piece!" I think it's important to identify one luxe piece each season, and grab it.

Jules Verne meets Thomas Edison

Same vest, very different look.

Note that the vest can be worn with the top tab buttoned, creating some really awesome collar action, or with the top tab unbuttoned, creating a lusciously full double-breasted collared vest. Yum. Surely it will earn me a tag on My Super Sweet Fashion Diary.

I also coveted a few beautiful things, that are now on order. When times get tough, the tough see their favorite sales associate. Let's talk about that: as in business, in shopping, we buy from people. Successful brands become personalities with which we can identify. Chanel isn't clothing, it's tailoring, and class, and simplicity. Armani isn't suits, it's subtlety and understated modernity. So, like our designers, a good associate is critical for a positive shopping experience.
Emporio Armani has ruined me for all other shopping: they greet me by name, are genuinely happy to see me, and SO excited to show me things they think I'd like--or that might challenge my personal sense of style. To wit: Christian (the menswear manager) asked me on Wednesday (knowing my personal style VERY well), "Are you ready for double breasted suits?" Imagining brass buttons and stuffed shoulders, I scoffed. I'm a modern, sleek, tailored man in shades of gray. Double-breasted is for mobsters and sub-prime mortgage brokers, not Wall Streeters and fashionistos! But BEHOLD!

The new double-breasted


Sable Crow has been a VERY bad boy. Another one before I sign off to do some hard-core investment reading (Seth Klarman's Margin of Safety). I can't get this one of out of my head, and I know it's because I'm secretly upset that I don't drive a leather dirigible to work with shiny brass fittings, and I don't hunt dragons from a silver steam-powered airship. I so wish this worked for my life, because I love every bizzare stitch of this outfit.

Emporio Armani does Steampunk

Full steam ahead.


Diabolina said...

so. fucking. hot. more fashion posts please!!!

Sable Crow said...

Thanks D! More fashion posts imminent.

WeezerMonkey said...

Oh, my dear Sable Crow, thanks for the fly-by! So appropriate for everyone's favorite fashionable black bird!

I want to subscribe to your RSS feed, but my reader is not allowing it. I am a sad monkey. :( Please remedy if possible! You will get more hits from regulars this way!

style-ish said...

just popped over from Diabolina's to tell you that your latest purchases are awesome! That vest is just too fab.