15 July 2008

Seekers and Saviors

Such a rough time. Go go go, from work to social engagements. I've started several blog entries, only to have them become irrelevant with the passing of a few hours (or days). So I'm putting this down now, before the next 12 hours have the chance to render it irrelevant, too.

So dispirited lately. The stock market really has been in the crapper, and the self-doubt has been slathered on thick and rich these last couple weeks. Then BAM, my single largest holding reports whiz-bang earnings and raises it's dividend and POW the market is up 300 points. This stock? Wells Fargo. Its numbers today? Up more than 30%.

Whew. A sigh of relief (at least until tomorrow's sell off, which will certainly be referred to as "taking some gains").

So many things on my mind, but sleep is the foremost right now. For those of you bloggers who are more familiar with this world, I'm still trying to figure out RSS feeds and the like, so let me know if things work, or if you're frustrated. Chances are I've never even heard of the things that might make you happier.

It's 11:11. Make a wish folks. I'm going to wish that I have a good block of time to stop and think and write and share. At this point, it looks like that's going to be sometime Saturday.


Diabolina said...

the idea of self-doubt being slathered on thick and rich like a body creme is amazing. you are amazing. i am amazing. let's hang on to that and let the creme dissolve into our skin, to keep us humble and hungry but not defeated.

WeezerMonkey said...

It's working! It's working! You're in my reader now!

You can't see me, but I am dancing. :)