25 August 2008

Behind the Scenes

There are times in a fashionisto's life when he gets to see and do remarkable things: getting to walk the red carpet at a gala honoring Giorgio Armani in Beverly Hills; going to Roberto Cavalli's Halloween party; hosting his family at a swank benefit.

Sunday was such a day.

I had the distinct pleasure of having lunch with both Diabolina and Weezer Monkey at a fabulous restaurant: Gordon Ramsay at the London

Their husbands (and mama Diabolina!) were also in attendance.

And while they had a fun time doing what they do--fashion and food--I had a fun time observing THEM. Too much Dexter lately...

Weezer took photos of food with her fancy camera.

Diabolina took photos of us...

And edited the shots that gave us too many chins or nose hair.

Mr. & Mrs. Weezer Monkey seem so well-mannered...

More behind the scenes! There's Mr. Diabolina, chomping away. He managed to steer pretty clear of the shenanigans.

Diabolina thought it was hi-LAR-ious! Little did she know that I wasn't kidding.

Weezer knew I wasn't kidding.

Mr. Weezer took a bite out of the mango marshmallows they gave us and PUT IT BACK ON THE COMMUNAL PLATE. F. Those are his TEETH marks. F.


Incidentally, they've decided I'm the gay Andy Rooney. Hrmph. I'll need to do a blog about how much Andy Rooney bugs me. Crotchety old man. Then again, those who know me know that I am, too.

See those fashion magazines? He's mailing in the subscription forms blank, too. Andy Rooney is my homeboy.

These men are my gay role models. When I was little, I used to imagine that's how happy gay couples aged. In a red-velvet draped VIP booth, with a comment for everything, loving their own stories, and forever picking on each other...


WeezerMonkey said...

I am seriously laughing out loud here! These pictures are hilarious!

It is tough for me to decide what was the funniest part, but I think the marshmallow teethmarks win...or lose, as the case may be.

So much for "well-mannered"....

Diabolina 3.1 said...

the vision of you dressed as the count as a little boy dreaming of an old aging crotchety gay couple hovering above it all in a VIP booth is perfection.

adore you. so excited for peru. and the hats you will bring me. remember extra large for an extra large head. extra large to match my extra large teeth. ugh i am a horse in the laughing picture ;)

Lynn said...

I LOVE this behind-the-scenes look into your brunch. Brilliant. I like that Mr. D found a way to stay out of the shenanigans.

amber said...

seriously cackling over here at your gay role models! i loved those guys when i was little, but they haven't crossed my mind in years. :)