22 August 2008

Stuff I Like

A new feature, dear Reader! In this section, we'll play one of those memory games, only it's not a hard one: I'm not going to play it with those little cards you have to turn over to remember what's where. No! Instead, I'm going to show you pictures of what I like, and then you're going to go out into the world and think about it when you see it. And you'll think: "Oh yeah, that guy I was reading said he liked that. What was his name? Simple something. Supple Crow? That's not it... Well, anyway, he was right."

Shawl-collared sweaters. Trust me. In the finest material you can find. In black or gray.

I just bought this hat. Really, I have a problem: No impulse control and GREAT taste.

Cuzco, where I'll be in a week...

...where local textile craftsmen...

...will knit me hats like this, in soft gray alpaca wool...

...and like this, in black.

I like his pants.

See these shoes? Actually, they're a reference to Bottega Venetta, and are woven leather. Yum. I also love his lordly great coat. I had one made for me two years ago from black shearling that looks a lot like this one. I'm just saying...

I also like this lordly great coat; more tailored. And I love that he's carrying his gloves. Sexy.

Speaking of sexy... I like this tennis guy.

And this guy because he smiles. And carries his gloves.

And I love Ray LaMontagne. He looks like the Unabomber, but sings like a fallen angel. Ray, I still don't know what love means, either. But I think it has something to do with recognizing beauty in the world. After all, a man needs something he can hold on to...

Ladies, if you can get a man to sing for you like that, please keep him. Even if he looks like the Unabomber.


WeezerMonkey said...

I like...this list!

Something else you might like: my friend's pictures from her dinner at Gordon Ramsay.

Diabolina 3.1 said...

that coat is EXACTLY like yours. And that guy is EXACTLY like the unabomber.

i kiss you.

amber said...

seeing as how i already think "weemo" when i see paul frank stuff and "diabolina" when i see wrap sweaters, i think i can play along quite well!

you will love cuzco! first trip or a return visit? we were there for a couple of days in march before and after visiting macchu pichu. aside from breathing being only optional b/c of the altitude, it's a lovely city. have fun!

Jennifer said...

Yikes! Here I am in your archives again.
I couldn't resist telling you. My alpaca hat is purple. It has adorable knit alpacas all around it just like your picture.
and I have a pink alpaca hat with a flower and matching fingerless gloves.