20 September 2008

Peru: The Ruins

Okay! Before I start on the economy, I thought I'd give you what you really came for: RUINS! This is what our civilization would have looked like if our government hadn't bailed everyone out.

Inca stonework is flawless: no errors, no mortar.

The double gateway, representing the physical and spiritual world, is sacred in Inca architecture.

Sacsayhuaman. Not Sexy Woman. Sacsayhuaman.

The road to Pisac.

The waters still flow 500 years later, though the people are gone.

The long way down from Pisac. We hiked to that town in the distance.


Machu Picchu.

The Hitching Post of the Sun. Sable Crow meditated here as dawn came to Machu Picchu.

Morning comes to the Inca steps. These were used for farming.

A curious resident. 15 llamas graze Machu Picchu. Groundskeepers.

Machu Money-Shot


WeezerMonkey said...


Diabolina 3.1 said...

what a dream. castles in the mist ;)

amber said...

i did so love the llamas. especially the few babies that we saw. :)

cyberob151 said...

Great pictures.....waiting for your commentary on the bailout.