22 September 2010

Crow's Nest: New Feature

Hello Dear Reader,

You've probably noticed that I've been posting a lot of dour news about the economy lately.  And politics.  Necessary to all of us, but boring to some of you.  And certainly no fun for me. 

But this blog isn't just Finance; it's Fashion also, which to me means aesthetics in a broader sense.  And few things in this world capture a crow's aesthetic imagination like a nest.  So today I'm introducing "Crow's Nest" where I'll talk about houses.  When the time comes for my own nest, this is where I'll squawk about it.

Now, please know that this ragged crow is obsessed with homes.  Lately, this one is my favorite.  10,000 square feet of modern lovely, it soars above West Hollywood in contemporary splendor.  It was recently featured in a design magazine, and I vowed to find it.  Lo!  It turns out it looks down on my therapist's house!  I got a good sense of its location by triangulating with my car's GPS.  Then when I saw it from another friend's pool deck recently, I realized it was calling me.  So I convinced B to take a drive with me, and we stalked it, top down in the car so we could see it better.

Told ya:  obsessed.

There was an architecture tour recently that featured it!  Alas!!!  Sable missed it.  So you and I can enjoy vicariously through the pictures.  Tell me what you think!  I miss comments.

Curbed LA : The Los Angeles Neighborhoods and Real Estate Blog:
Studio Pali Fekete's Bird Streets Oberfeld Residence

This past weekend the AIA/LA held its first fall home tour of the year (there'll be a second one in October). Join Curbed as we gawk at the pretty architecture of the Hills, from Hollywood to Coldwater. Here's SPF:a's Oberfeld Residence.

Click the link above for the whole walk-through.  It's worth it!!